Zen Mum Body & Confused Girl In The City

“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.” – Giovanna Silvestre founder of Confused Girl In the City.



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High resolution photos of crystals inspire Giovanna Silvestre and an art team to print them onto fabric. Each pair of leggings represents a different stone. The healing crystals balance yin/yang energy and cultivate courage, creativity and healing. Our leggings are 4 way stretch, breathable and made in L.A. We pride ourselves in using the best quality fabric on the market. The leggings are great for working out or going out.

Why “Confused Girl”?

Simple, “It is really easy to accept yourself when you are feeling good and your life is the way you want it. But it isn’t so easy to accept yourself when things are tough, and you are confused. We shame ourselves in times we need to be embracing ourselves.” Confused Girl is about accepting yourself just as you are at this moment. This acceptance will lead you to your TRUE NATURE.

I am just happy to connect with likeminded individuals who celebrate the empowering nature of being a woman and loving the only body we have.

I am over joyed to work with confused girl in the city a beautiful, unique and empowering brand.





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Zen Mum Body



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